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About Us

W.E. Social Enterprise Pte. Ltd. is a social enterprise that serves to raise the dignity of Persons with Special Needs (PSNs) by offering them employment opportunities in Singapore.

W.E., an acronym for "Willing" and "Enabled" is a non-sectarian, multi-racial and non-political, business organisation that strive to offer every willing employee an opportunity to be enabled in performing meaningful quality work for an income.

We believe in developing and maintaining mutual respect for one another which serves as the foundation to provide every of our employee a safe and conducive work environment to contribute their level best.

Benefit Of Being Our Customers

W.E Social Enterprise, as an outsourced contract service provider, will ensure that all our customers will receive the completed work that will exceed their expectations, without compromising on time.

Our company will be responsible for the training and management of our staff; we will sort the project into stages, assign and allocate the work to each PSN based on their skills and abilities, providing them with the tools they require, along with supervision to ensure their readiness to take on the assigned tasks for each project.

We have always received good feedback from our past customers, thus you can be assured that we will be able to deliver consistently high output quality and timely service deliverables that goes beyond what we have committed.We are pleased to let you validate these claims with some of our reference able customers should you wish to engage our services.

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+65 9101 7107 (John)
+65 8137 1423 (Joanne)